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...on our high standards of workmanship, paying attention to every intimate detail of your floor.

When renovating old floors of either hardwood parquet or natural pine floorboards experience is everything - at All Floors Direct our countless years of experience make us one of the best choices for your classic floor. With care, time and effort we pride ourselves on being able to return your chershed floor to its former natural beauty.

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Things to think about when choosing your new floor

Light or Dark Floor

Natural light, the size of the windows, other lighting and orientation are some of the points that can influence the choice of floor colour. A dark floor "swallows" a lot of light, and also affects the feeling of space. At the same time, a dark floor can create a warm and comfortable feel in large rooms. A light rug on a dark floor unites the room with its light-coloured walls.A light wood floor reflects the light and increases the feeling of space within the room, and can create a dramatic contrast to dark design details.

Adding Interest and Contrast

A mix of materials will add interest and create contrast

A wood floor, combined with hard stone or tiles, will add to the beauty of both materials. A similar contrast is achieved with soft textiles or carpets, which will accentuate the wood floor's smooth surface. A contrast will add an interesting aspect to your home.

Choose a floor that reflects your style

The character of the wood is important for the overall impression of the floor. Graining, figuring and colour variations give the floor a lively look, while a calm impression is achieved with an evenly toned floor

Floors Feel Different The type of surface you choose decides the feeling you get from the floor. Your feet are the part of your body that will feel the wood best. If you want to feel a flat, smooth surface, choose a floor with a silk matt finish. To feel more wood texture, choose a brushed floor. As well as feeling totally different to walk on, they also reflect light differently.

The Floor and the Room

The floor creates the room's base, weight and character, and it is also the basis for the other elements, including the choice of furniture and other decor. In other words, you need to use all your senses when choosing a floor. The floor is where fashion and style meet function.

The floor is the foundation

A floor is so much more than just something to walk on. The floor, with the walls and ceiling, contributes the room's fundamental feel. When designing your home, you should perhaps give first consideration to the floor. The floor is the base, you can always repaint walls and ceilings, the floor is of a more permanent nature. The appearance of the floor, i.e. the colour, surface, pattern and hardness, can vary a lot between different wood species.

Kährs has been awarded "Engineered Wood Supplier of the 2007 year"

Kährs has been awarded 'Engineered Wood Supplier of the Year 2007' in the Editor's Choice category of the Contract Floors Award. The industry award, which Kahrs received for the third time, was presented at a prestigious ceremony hosted at Wembley Stadium.

Kahrs range of wood flooring has grown dramatically in recent years. Ongoing investment in product development has resulted in the launch of numerous products, including Kahrs new Heritage, Linnea TEN and Activity floor ranges. Many new product launches are anticipated for 2008, with a continued emphasis on design finishes. Meanwhile, Kahrs UK is working to further improve its customer service, with a focus on logistics and internal systems, and the introduction of a new Specification Team.

Harvey Booth, Acting General Manager commented, "We're delighted to have achieved this Award, which marks a new, exciting chapter at Kahrs. We have a great team in place, many of whom are taking on new roles to enhance the smooth running of our UK operation, and we're looking forward to introducing some very exciting product innovations throughout next year."

Kahrs FSC-certified Oak Hampshire

Kahrs reflects green credentials at Ecotech home

Kahrs FSC-certified Oak Hampshire and Oak Verona FSC have been installed within ecoTECH's pioneering Organics home. Located at BRE Innovation Park, in Watford, the eco-friendly construction combines the latest green technology whilst fulfilling the need for affordable urban design. Kahrs wood floors - which are crafted from sustainable timber and feature an eco-friendly multi-layered construction - complemented the home's green credentials, whilst providing a stylish and easily maintained flooring finish.

Showcasing the latest practical and sustainable construction innovations, The Park at BRE features a selection of demonstration properties. They include examples of MMC (modern methods of construction), near zero-carbon homes and over 200 different innovative and emerging technologies. Built using off-site construction methods, ecoTECH's Organics Home can be mass-produced and configured to suit individual locations and home-owners' needs. It provides a lifetime adaptable living space that's affordable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly.

Reflecting ecoTECH's USP, Kahrs range has a number of environmental features, in addition to FSC-certification, and to the eco-construction which features throughout. A glueless WoodlocR joint allows the floors to be laid without adhesive and relocated if necessary, whilst a solvent-free satin lacquer prefinish provides exceptional durability without the addition of harmful substances. After years of wear, the floors can be sanded, at least twice - and, just as Kahrs uses waste wood to produce bio-fuel during manufacture, the finished floor is also completely recyclable.

Kahrs voted best wood floors for seventh time!

Kahrs has been awarded winner of the Contract Flooring Award for Hardwood Flooring for the seventh year. Sponsored jointly by Contract Flooring Journal and the Contract Flooring Association, the Award was given for Kahrs complete range. Votes by CFJ's flooring contractor readership were registered in a ballot earlier this year and the Award was presented at an exclusive luncheon hosted at Woburn Abbey.

Kahrs range of wood flooring has grown dramatically in recent years. Ongoing investment in product development has resulted in the launch of numerous products, including Kahrs new Heritage and Classic Nouveau ranges, and its DIN/EN Standard compliant Activity floors, in FSC-mix. All products feature an eco-friendly multi-layered construction and a choice of durable natural oil or lacquer prefinish. On-trend stained, brushed and bevelled finishes are also available, along with an extensive range of accessories and maintenance products.

Many new products will be launched throughout 2008, with a further emphasis on design finishes. Meanwhile, Kahrs UK is working to further improve its customer service, with a focus on specification, logistics and internal systems.

Harvey Booth, UK Sales Manager commented, "We're delighted to have achieved this Award and to be recognised by the trade, once again, as best wood floor manufacturer. This year's Award marks a new, exciting chapter at Kahrs; our thanks go to our customers for their support through changing times and to our dedicated UK team, based in Havant, who work together to help promote and support Kahrs quality brand."

Fantastic oak flooring, we love it

Oak wooden flooring is a favourite of homeowners, architects, designers and decorators everywhere, especially those that stage homes in the hope of getting their clients quicker sales! It is also now a favourite of the average homeowner as well as a direct result of the coverage that it has received in recent months. Many may have put off having oak wooden flooring installed in the past because they perceived it as too expensive, too much hassle to install. However, none of the above actually applies anymore so now you have no excuse!

Oak wooden flooring is today readily available from numerous suppliers all over the UK. As a result it is extremely accessible and no longer as exclusive as it once was in terms of the price. The price has had to come down to a more affordable level for it to become as popular as it has! New technology for creating the flooring has lowered the price drastically, as has the availability of oak. Many companies only use sustainable wood from sustainable forests so your home will not have a major negative impact on the environment in that way.

Affordable and available oak wooden flooring can put the finishing touches to any room because it comes in a variety of different styles. You can get lacquered, oiled and varnished flooring in a variety of shades so it can help you to create any given effect. It can actually help to capture the light in an Old traditional


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